Transformation facilitated Partnership Agreement with SSN - Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc and Skeetchestn Indian Bands.
Transformation facilitated organizational review.
Great Bear Initiative - Transformation facilitated business development partnership agreement.
Stewardship Directors Strategy Planning - Transformation facilitated annual strategy plan.
Carrier Sekani Tribal Council - Transformation is developing an integrated organizational communications plan.
Old Masset Village Council - Transformation is developing an integrated comprehensive community planning.
Nuxalk Development Corporation - Transformation is designing a Nuxalk economic development strategy.
Transformation facilitated an economic strategy plan.
Transformation supported the development of strategy development.
Transformation facilitated annual Organization Strategy.
Hope Transition Society - Transformation facilitated multi-stakeholder strategic visioning session for healthy communities mobilization.
Cowichan Cultural Competency - Transformation facilitated cultural competency training for 35 community organizations, and Government ministries.
Union of BC Indian Chiefs - Transformation facilitated strategy session for Coalition for Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Network.
Huu-ah-aht Economic Development Corporation - Transformation facilitated Economic Development Strategy.
Transformation delivered staff capacity development training and management workplan development.
AANDC - Transformation facilitated housing case study development and business development of First Nation housing.
Ts'ewulhtun Health - Transformation delivered Better Homes Project Coordination with Cowichan Tribes.
Transformation delivered program components, Best Practices in Indigenous Business and Economic Development.
Kwakiutl Nation - Transformation facilitated Governance strategy session.
Namgis First Nation Atli Resources - Transformation facilitated a company visioning strategy, Forestry Resource Development.
Neskonlith Indian Band - Transformation delivered Indigenous Wealth Dynamics for community development.
SSN - Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc and Skeetchestn Indian Bands - Transformation developed Rights and Title Strategy and long term organizational development plan.
Transformation delivered strategic planning session.
Transformation facilitated development of comprehensive housing policy development.
Transformation facilitated community development project.
Master of Ceremony for WIBF Guetemala 2014 and WIBF Hawaii 2015. Hosted by Indigenous Leadership Development Institute.
Transformation developed strategic business model development for First Nations Compliance Management System partnership.
Transformation developed a community strategic land use plan.
Shackan First Nation - Transformation delivered a strategic economic development corporation structuring session.
Transformation facilitated business forum for 25 Commercial Fishing Enterprises.
Skwin'ang'eth Se'Las Development Company - Transformation facilitated Open House Community Engagement session and board 3 year strategy plan.
The Nature Conservancy - Transformation worked with 4 First Nations along Great Bear Rainforest in developing a resource management strategy.
Beecher Bay First Nation - Transformation developed a 5 year Governance and Economic Development Strategy.
Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC - Transformation undertook local strategic partnership engagement for Aboriginal Cultural Festival in Victoria, BC.
Legal Services Society of BC - Transformation undertook strategic development session for the provincial Gladue Writers.
Wuikinuxv First Nation - Transformation facilitated a Staff Nation Building Capacity Development Session and a Community Entrepreneurship Session.
Transformation facilitated staff nation building capacity development session and a community Secret to Creating Your Success workshop.
Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation - Transformation facilitated Aboriginal Women’s Council Strategic Plan.
Shushwap Nation Tribal Council - Transformation facilitated 9 member Nation Rights and Title Strategy.
BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council - Transformation developed organization 5 year Strategy Plan.
Master of Ceremonies for the World Indigenous Business Forum, Guatemala.
Seton Lake First Nation - Transformation facilitated alignment of administration and governance practices for economic development.
Transformation facilitated Business Mentoring for small business entrepreneurs.
A global leader design corporation, Transformation delivered specialized First Nation Competency Training for senior executives.
Pacheedaht First Nation - Undertaking year long Comprehensive Community Planning development, and developed integrated housing policy and economic development strategy.
McLeod Lake Indian Band - Transformation facilitated Governance and Administration long term strategy planning.
Quatwas International Economic Development Summit - Transformation facilitated international protocol development for US and Canadian tribes.
WKNTC Triabl Council (Wuikinuxv, Kiasoo, Nuxalk First Nations) - Delivered Secret to Creating Your Success administration training and facilitated the Annual General Assembly.
Nuxalk Nation - Transformation facilitated Secret of Creating Your Success Leadership professional development session & Socio Economic Staff Capacity Training.
Heiltsuk Economic Development Corporation - Transformation facilitated a 5 year Economic Development Strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.
Transformation facilitated a 5 year Economic Development strategic planning and stakeholder engagement.
Transformation is delivering community capacity development project to align lands and resources and economic development.
Paul Nation - Transformation is delivering community capacity development project to align lands and resources and economic development.
Financial analysis on 700,000 square feet commercial development- develop and deliver community engagement strategy- engage family CP landowners in scenario/option design.
Dzawada'enuxw Economic Development Corporation - Transformation established Economic Development Corporation and set up governance and operational systems.
Justice Institute BC - Transformation facilitated the Aboriginal Education Council’s Indigenization strategic design session.
Sexqeltkemc Enterprises Inc. (Adams Lake, Splatsin and Neskonlith First Nations) - Transformation designed and delivered a governance, operational and business design session.
Knucwentwécw Development Corporation - Transformation designed Skeetchestn Nation’s Economic Development strategy.
Cowichan Tribes - Transformation designed Skeetchestn Nation’s Economic Development strategy.
Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC - Transformation designed and delivered BC First Nation Economic Development Corporation.
First Nation Court Workers and Counsellors Association of BC - Transformtion is developing and designing 5 year strategy plan with key stakeholders.
Sliammon First Nation - Transformation facilitated Post-treaty policy design and development.
First Nations Wellness/Addictions Counsellor Certification Board - Transformation facilitated a 360 degree organization review.
Niche Environmental - Transformation is assisting socio-economic development, Environmental Assessment engagement and consultation with 14 BC First Nations for BC Hydro.
Chenuah Investment Corporation - Transformation facilitated Economic Governance training for Board of Directors.
People Of The River - Transformation facilitated Governance integration and visioning – with 9 First Nations in the Fraser Valley region developing referral and consultation process.
Nisga'a Lisms Government - Transformation developed community prevention service options.
Transformation developed 5 year strategy planning for Council and Lands and Resource Development.
Heilsuk Nation - Transformation worked with the Social Development Department to deliver a governance training, 5 year strategic plan and department re-design.
Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Circle - Transformation delivered governance training session for Gender Based Governance Analysis.
Stkémlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation - Transformation developed 10-year SSN strategy and strategic operational management framework.
Women Empowering Women for Indian Nations - Strategic planning for National Native American Women’s organization, Las Vegas, USA and workshop facilitation at annual WEWIN conference.
Indigenous Child Welfare Research Network, University of Victoria - Transformation provided Provincial facilitation and conference coordination.
Sas'mans Wellness Society - Facilitated development of new leading organization to engage 9 communities on developing local governance of a culturally relevant child welfare system.
Transformation delivered Health Staff department development.
Aboriginal Women's Association of BC - Transformation facilitated the establishment of this new organization, 2010 Vancouver.
World Fisheries Trust - Helped with CIDA proposal development in Bolivia - tri nation indigenous approach (Canada, Brazil & Bolivia) for aquaculture, gender equality & food security development project & conference.
Transformation facilitated Custom Election Code option development and community engagement
University of Victoria - Transformation facilitated a strategy planning session for Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee.
Nuu chah nulth Ecomonic Development Corporation - Transformation facilitated business plan training modules for new entrepreneurs.
First People Heritage, Language and Culture Council - Transformation provided Provincial Cultural Mapping facilitation.
Transformation coordinated Clayoquot Sound Climate Change Project.
Transformation acilitated national Circle of Prevention workshops.
Transformation coordinated the operations and communications management functions for Team BC (450 youth) at North American Indigenous Games, also facilitated ASRA’s provincial sports strategy – engaging BC First Nations and organizations in development.
Northwest Inter Nation Child and Family Services - Transformation facilitated long term organizational strategy plan.
Transformation is working with women and youth in a community based violence prevention training project.
Nisga’a Prosperity Project – Transformation facilitated an economic framework.
Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC - Transformation designed and delivered BC First Nation Wealth Management Curriculum.
Transformation facilitated governance training and strategic development.
Transformation delivered Comprehensive Community Plan.
Huu ay aht Group of Companies - Transformation facilitated Huu ay aht Economic Summit.
Northwest Internation Child and Family Services - Transformation facilitated C3 organizational readiness strategy
Ucluelet First Nation – Transformation facilitated 5 year strategic plan for council portfolio planning.
Saanich Indian School Board - Transformation facilitated 5 year strategic plan development.
Aboriginal Housing and Mortgage Association: Transformation facilitated Authority devolution session- worked with BC housing managers and AHMA Senior Management.
Namgis Nation - Transformation facilitated Treaty community and governance engagement strategy community members. engagement
Kwicksutaineuk/Ah-Kwa-Mish First Nation - Transformation developed housing strategy and policy for new development.
Ulkatcho First Nation - Transformation developed housing and financial policy.
Beecher Bay First Nation - Transformation developed the Nation’s Land Use Code Policy.
Vancouver Nisga’a Tsamiks - Transformation facilitated organizational review and strategy development.
Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Tribal Council - Transformation facilitated organizational review and communications strategy development.
Transformation facilitated long term organizationalstrategy plan.
Provincial engagement for Stopping Violence Against Aboriginal Women and Girls- delivered 7 regional engagement sessions.
Piquet Development Corporation – Lillooet First Nation - Transformation developed Piquet Forestry Business Plan.
BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres - Transformation developed management operational plan.
Victoria International Youth Education - Knowledge session training for international First Nation youth interns on way to Uganda, Africa.
Tseil wal tuth - Transformation provided Personal BREAKTHROUGH Sessions for high-risk families to link work readiness with the social assistance program outcomes - work readiness.
Nisga’a Community Services – Transformation developed Community Prevention Services Options Paper.
Lower Nicola Indian Band - Transformation delivered community workshops; Grief and Loss, Suicide Prevention.
Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transition Team - Transformation facilitated political linkage and engagement of 54 Vancouver Island Chiefs in the BC Aboriginal Child Welfare process.
NTC - Transformation chaired AGM for 14 Nuu chah nulth First Nations.
Iisaak Forestry - Transformation negotiated protocol with BC and Canadian environmental groups (5 Central Region First Nations).
Ministry of Children and Families - Transformation facilitated child welfare culturally relevant research processes to Ministry social workers.
United Aboriginal Youth Collective - BC Provincial Aboriginal youth organization facilitation for through MARR.
United Way - Transformation facilitated Better at home program review at Cowichan Health.