Indigenous Wealth Dynamics

Indigenous cultural concepts of wealth exist in a worldview that encompasses all the abundance and riches of Mother Earth, relationships, histories and responsibilities. First Nations wealth is closely connected to our language, ways of being, teachings, the land, history, names, songs, dances, ceremonies and family.

Today’s current context of wealth holds conflicting messages. The journey towards realization and self Рactualization moves First Nation peoples closer to who we are and away from the social statistics that plague our communities. The common stories and experiences of the symptoms of poverty, such as ill health, lack of food, violence, and substance abuse expressed in overly represented statistics are all indicators of a poverty Рbased existence.

Concepts of wealth in our communities is linked directly to how nations deliver programming, administer and governance, and by building an understanding of both poverty and wealth, we can create the necessary shifts to move our communities from poverty mindsets to nation building rooted in indigenous wealth dynamics.

Transformation exclusively offers Indigenous Wealth Dynamics – a training to facilitate breaking through the poverty dynamics for individuals, families and administration and leadership.

Through new skills and understanding, the Indigenous Wealth Dynamics addresses three major components in addressing poverty; 1) the history and context of poverty and wealth, 2) the current system and 3) applications in programming for families, administration and governance.


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